The Juan de Fuca Cable is a new 550 megawatt High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) electricity transmission line that would connect the Greater Victoria area of Vancouver Island, British Columbia with the Olympia Peninsula region in Washington State. Developed by Sea Breeze Pacific Juan de Fuca Cable, LP, the line would enhance the regional transmission system and increase capacity and reliability on both sides of the border with minimal environmental impact, representing a critical step in defining our energy future.

The goals of the Juan de Fuca Cable Project (JDF or JDF Cable) are to increase opportunities for economic development, provide more secure and reliable electrical power, and promote international trade for the residents and businesses of the Pacific Northwest using clean and safe underground cables, underwater cables and best available HVDC Light® electrical technology.

We invite all stakeholders and interested parties to use this website to learn more about the project and our commitment to environmental best practices, review related resources, explore our FAQs and learn about upcoming events.




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