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Sea Breeze Pacific Juan de Fuca Cable, LP was formed to develop transmission opportunities in the Pacific Northwest.  It is a partnership between Sea Breeze Power Corp., a Vancouver-based renewable energy developer; Boundless Energy NW, Inc., (''Boundless'') a transmission and utility engineering company based in York Harbor, Maine; and a fund of EIF Group, a private equity fund manager.

Sea Breeze Pacific Juan de Fuca Cable, LP has two subsidiaries to manage the multi-jurisdictional affairs of an international power line: Sea Breeze Victoria Converter Corporation carries out Canadian operations, and Sea Breeze Olympic Converter LP performs US permitting and contracting. ABB Inc., a world leader in power and automation technologies, is the preferred contractor for the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) of the project. ABB will utilize their  HVDC Light® technology and has extensive experience in international cable design, manufacturing and installation.

Sea Breeze Power Corp.

Sea Breeze Power Corp. is a company dedicated to the development of renewable energy projects and the application of related power technologies.  Sea Breeze is committed to developing projects that meet the highest standards of environmental protection.  Current initiatives include unlocking the enormous "stranded" wind potential on the coast of British Columbia through the development of large-scale windfarms and state-of-the-art electricity transmission lines to both supplement the existing grids and to introduce newly developed, renewable energy sources into the power supply.

Sea Breeze developed Phase One of the 99MW Cape Scott Wind Farm on Vancouver Island, now owned and operated by IPC / GDF SUEZ, and scheduled to begin commercial operations in 2013.

Sea Breeze’s management team has extensive experience in West Coast natural resources, engineering, and power generation.

Boundless Energy NW Inc.

The principals of Boundless Energy NW Inc. are founders of the Neptune Transmission Project, a 67 mile 660 MW undersea HVDC cable running from central New Jersey to Long Island, New York. Neptune RTS was selected as the winner of the Long Island Power Authority's long term (20 years plus) request for procurement to supply energy and capacity to its system.

Energy Investors Funds

Energy Investors Funds was founded in 1987 as the first private equity fund manager dedicated exclusively to the independent power and electric utility industry and is 100% management-owned. Energy Investors Funds Group invests in global private power, environmental and infrastructure industries.

ABB Inc.

ABB Inc. is a world leader in power and automation technologies. Sustainability and the reduction of environmental impacts are key components of ABB’s operations. ABB's products, systems, solutions and services are centered on improving grid reliability and increasing industrial productivity, while lowering environmental impactABB has been responsible for the design and installation of many of the world's largest HVDC transmission projects in the last 50 years.


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